Hey guys, we’ve got some sad news! :(

We’re not going to be around for much longer because we’re planning a big adventure in America, so to help us save our pennies, we can no longer produce new stock.

HOWEVER- we still have A LOT of plain white tees in a box in the garage, so we’ll be making one off tie dyes, first come, first served. There are limited numbers of existing stock left, so grab them whilst you can. We’ll keep you undated about our last load of stock as and when they happen :)

Love ya x

New collection, new colours, new range…

We’re super excited for you guys to see our new range but we’re not quite there just yet!
We have a few designs flying about, we’re waiting to see your reactions to decide which go through to be printed onto tees- as well as looking into new colours and patterns for you guys! 

Even more exciting- we’re also looking into a new range of products; socks, crewnecks and tank tops to name a few…

We’ve still got our stock clearance sale on, so be sure to grab a bargain- once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Love ya!

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